Romantic Poem

Funny Romantic Poem in Egyptian Arabic El Limby

Funny Romantic Poem

In this video, you will watch my brother Ramez, his son, CJ, myself and Lucas as we recite a funny romantic poem. This poem was taken from a character called El Limby. This fellow is uneducated and the movie is a comedy.

His girlfriend complained that he doesn’t say romantic things to her. So he makes up this poem on the fly.

We’re demonstrating an excerpt of this below:
enty ya bet = you girl
3amla eh = how are you doing?
el 7ob el 7ob = the love the love
el sho2 el sho2 = the longing the longing
moshta2 moshta2 = longing for you longing for you

Here’s a link to the clip from the movie:


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