weather at the park

How to talk about the weather at the park in Arabic

Raining at the Park

Watch Lucas, Geraldine and I at the park on a rainy day. Learn how to talk about the weather in Egyptian Arabic as well as a few words about the park.

Below are the phrases used in this video.

El denya betmattar = it’s raining = الدنيا بتمطر

E7na fel mattara = we’re in the rain = احنا في المطرة

El ward mablool = the flowers are wet = الورد مبلول

El shagar mablool = the trees are wet = الشجر مبلول

El maragee7 mabloola = the swings are wet = المراجيح مبلولة

El za7alee2 mabloola = the slides are wet = الزحاليق مبلولة

Bos mal3ab el kora = look at the soccer field = بص ملعب الكرة

El 3arabeya mabloola = the car is wet = العربية مبلولة

El mattara we2fet? = did it stop raining? = المطرة وقفت؟

Eh ma3nato da? = what does that mean? = إيه معناته ده؟

Lessa el denya mabloola? = is it still wet? = لسة الدنيا مبلولة؟

Ray7een tel3abo fel genena? = are you going to play at the park? = رايحين تلعبوا في الجنينة؟

Hatgarab el zo7le2a? = are you going to try the slide? = هتجرب الزحليقة؟

Akeed el zo7le2a mabloola = for sure the slide is wet = أكيد الزحليقة مبلولة

El mattara we2fet = it stopped raining = المطرة وقفت

El denya 7elwa 7’ales bara = it’s beautiful outside = الدنيا حلوة خالص برة

El gaw gameel = the weather is great = الجو جميل

Eh el nezam? = what’s going on? = إيه النظام؟

Eh el bey7sal? = what’s happening? = إيه البيحصل؟

El shams bada2et tetla3? = the sun is starting to come out? = الشمس بدأت تطلع؟

El gaw magnoon fe Canada = the weather is crazy in Canada = الجو مجنون في كندا


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